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French Physical Appearances & Descriptions

French Physical Appearances & Descriptions

Les descriptions physiques

When meeting new people it’s very important to be able to describe yourself. On this page you’ll find a complete list physical appearances and traits in French. This page covers hair, eyes, body size, weight and age.

French Vocabulary for Physical Appearances

Hair – les cheveux

When talking about hair there are two options: 1) to use the verb avoir; and 2) To use and adjective. For example, to say “He has curly hair” you can say: ‘Il a les cheveux frisés’ or ‘Il est frisé‘.

  • He/she has long hair. Il/elle a les cheveux longs.
  • He/she has curly hair. Il/elle a les cheveux frisés.
  • He/she is curly-haired. Il/elle est frisé(e).
  • He/she has mid-length hair. Il/elle a les cheveux mi-longs.
  • He/she has straight hair. Il/elle a les cheveux raides.
  • He/she has short hair. Il/elle a les cheveux courts.
  • He/she is bald. Il/elle est chauve.
  • He/she has brown hair. Il/elle a les cheveux bruns.
  • He/she is brunette. Il/elle est brun(e).
  • He/she has blond hair. Il/elle a les cheveux blonds.
  • He/she is blond. Il/elle est blond(e).
  • He/she has light-brown hair. Il/elle a les cheveux châtain.
  • He/she has light-brown hair. Il/elle est châtain.
  • He/she has red hair. Il/elle a les cheveux roux.
  • He/she is red-headed. Il est roux/Elle est rousse.
  • He/she has grey hair. Il/elle a les cheveux gris.
  • He/she is grey-haired. Il/elle est gris(e).
  • He/she has white hair. Il/elle a les cheveux blancs.
Les cheveux - hair

The face – le visage

In French there are two words for face: le visage and la figure. Here you’ll find a list of vocabulary for the face.

  • He/she has blue eyes. Il/elle a les yeux bleus.
  • He/she has hazel eyes. Il/elle a les yeux verts.
  • He/she has brown eyes. Il/elle a les yeux marron.
  • He/she has dark eyes. Il/elle a les yeux noirs.
  • He/she has big/small eyes. Ses yeux son grands/petits.
  • He/she has big/little ears. Il/elle a des petites/grandes oreilles.
  • He/she has big/fine nose. Il/elle a le nez fort/fin.
  • He she has a big/small nose. Il/elle a un gros/petit nez.
  • He has a big/little mustache. Il a une petite/grosse moustache.
  • He has a big/little beard. Il a une grosse/petite barbe.
  • He/she has a round face. Il/elle a le visage rond.
  • He/she has an oval face. Il/elle a le visage ovale.
  • He/she has long/short face. Il/elle a le visage long/petit.
  • He/she wears glasses. Il porte des lunettes.
  • He/she doesn’t wear glasses. Il/elle ne porte pas de lunettes.

Appearances – l’apparence

This following list offers adjectives in both the masculine and feminine forms to describe peoples’ appearances, ski complexion and race.

  • He is handsome. Il est beau.
  • She is beautiful. Elle est belle.
  • She is pretty. Elle est jolie.
  • He she is great-looking. Il/elle est magnifique/superbe.
  • He/she has fair complexion. Il/elle a le teint clair.
  • He/she is stunning. Il/elle est canon (slang).
  • He/she has olive skin, complexion. Il/elle a le teint mat.
  • He/she has light skin. Il/elle a la peau claire.
  • He/she has dark skin. Il/elle a la peau foncée.
  • He/she is ugly. He/elle est laid.
  • He/she has freckles. Il/elle a des taches de rousseur.
  • He/she has a baby face. Il/elle a un visage poupin.
  • He/she is Black. Il/elle est noir(e).
  • He/she is White. Il/elle est blanc(he).
  • He/she is Asian. Il/elle est asiatique.
Belle - beautiful

Hight and weight – la taille et le poid

The French word ‘la taille‘ is a mixed bag. It can describe a person’s height, body size as well as waistline. The word, ‘la corpulence‘ describes a person’s stoutness or bulkiness.

  • He/she is tall. Il/elle est grand(e).
  • He/she is short. Il/elle est petit(e).
  • He/she is an average height. Il/elle est de taille moyenne.
  • He/she is one meter, 69 cm (5’6″). Il/elle fait 1,69 mètre
  • He/she is fat. Il/elle est gros(se).
  • He/she is skinny. Il/elle est maigre/mince.
  • He/she is a bit plump. Il/elle est un peu rond(e).
  • He/she is a bit plump. Il/elle est bien en chair.
  • He/she is a bit plump. Il/elle est un peu fort(e).
  • He/she is sturdy, tough. Il est costaud(e).
  • He/she weights 65kg. Il/she pèse/fait 65 kilos.
Grand - tall

Age – l’âge

To describe a person’s age, use the verb avoir. For example, ‘il a cinq ans‘, he is five years-old. Here’s you’ll find a complete lesson on age in French.

  • He/she is young. Il/elle est jeune.
  • He/she is old. Il/elle est âgé(e).
  • He/she is old. Il/elle est vieux/vielle.
  • He/she is 25 years-old. Il/elle a 25 ans.
  • He/she’s in his/her twenties. Il/elle a une vingtaine d’annees.
  • He/she’s older, no longer young. Il/elle a certain âge.
Jeune - young

Video lesson covering physical appearances.

A great accompanying vocabulary list to this page is our list of color and body parts words as well as anatomy words.

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