French Dog Breed Names

liste des races de chiens

On this page you’ll find a complete list of the top-20 most popular French dog breed names (les races de chiens). The good news is that most dog breeds in French are exact same as in English. For example, the Golden Retriever is “le golden retriever” and the Chihuahua is “le chihuahua“.

In some situations the French use only the first name of the breed, for example “le labrador” for Labrador Retriever and “le cocker” for Cocker Spaniel. In this list we’ve included “le beauceron” and poodle (le caniche) as they are French breeds.

  • le beagle beagle
  • le basset hound basset hound
  • le beauceron beauceron
  • le berger allemand german shepherd
  • le bichon maltais maltese
  • le bouledogue bulldog
  • le boxer boxer
  • le caniche poodle
  • le carlin pug
  • le chihuahua chihuahua
  • le cocker cocker spaniel
  • le doberman doberman
  • le golden retriever golden retriever
  • le labrador labrador retriever
  • le pomeranian pomeranian
  • le rottweiler rottweiler
  • le schnauzer schnauzer
  • le setter irlandais irish setter
  • le teckel dachshund
  • le terrier de boston boston terrier
  • le yorkshire terrier yorkshire terrier
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