French Insect Names – Complete Vocabulary List

les insectes

Have you ever wondered how to say different kinds of insects (les insectes) in French? On this page you’ll find a complete vocabulary list for french insect words. Some of the translations are quite fun! For example the word for centipede is “le mille-pates“, which literally means, “the thousand feet” as “centipede” is Latin for “hundred feet”. Another fun translation is “la mante religieuse“, which means “religious mantis” or the English, “praying mantis”.

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antun fourmi
aphidun puceron
bed bugune punaise
beeune abeille
beetleun scarabée, un coléoptère
butterflyun papillon
carpenter antun fourmi charpentière
caterpillarune chenille
centipedele mille-pattes
cockroachun cafard, une blatte
cricketun grillon
damselflyun demoiselle
dragonflyune libellule
dung beetleun bousier
earwigun perce-oreille
fire antun fourmi rouge
firefly, lightning bugun ver luisant, mouche à feu
fleaune puce
flyune mouche
fruit flyune drosophile, une mouche du vinaigre
gnatun moucheron
grasshopperune sauterelle
gypsy mothun bombyx disparate
hornetun frelon
horse flyun taon
house flyune mouche domestique
insectun insect
Japanese beetleun scarabée japonais
June bugun hanneton commun
lacewingune chrysope
ladybugune coccinelle
leafhopperune cicadelle
locustune locuste, une sauterelle
louseun pou
maggotun asticot
matmorphasisla métamorphose
mayflyun éphémère
mosquitoun moustique
mothun paipillon nocturne
praying mantila mante religieuse
scorpionun scorpion
silkwarmun ver à soie
spiderune araignée
stink bugune punaise
termiteun termite
tickune tique
walking stickune canne
waspune guêpe
wormun ver
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