French Landscapes Vocabulary

les paysages

On this page you’ll find a list of landscape vocabulary words in French. The list consists of almost all kinds of landscapes including mountains, plains, dessert, etc. Most of these words are unique to the French language and not to similar with English. However, some words are the same such as “le plateau” for plateau and “la gorge” for gorge.

le paysage landscapela plaine planele désert desert
le bois woodsla forêt forest/woodsla forêt tropicale rainforest
le pré meadowle marais swampla prairie grassland
le ruiseau streamle lac lakela cascade waterfall
le geyser geyserla falaise cliffla côte coast
le récif de corail coral reefl’esturaire estuaryla montagne mountain
la rivière riverla colline hillla gorge gorge
le plateau plateaula caverne cavela vallée valley
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