French Makeup Vocabulary

le maquillage

le maquillage makeuples produits cosmétiques cosmetics
se maquiller to wear/put on makeuple rouge à lèvres lipstick
le mascara mascarala crème hydratante moisturizing cream
le fond de teint foundationla poudre powder
l'anti-cernes concealerle fard à paupières eyeshadow
le eye-liner eyelinerles faux cils false/fake eyelashes
le crayon à sourcils eyebrow pencille fard à joues blusher/rouge
le baume pour les lèvres lip balmle crayon à lèvres lip pencil
le gloss lip glossle vernis à ongles nail polish
le parfum perfumela peau skin
le visage faceles yeux eyes
les joues cheeksle soin pour la peau skincare
la beauté beautyle maquilleur makeup artist
les marques de maquillage makeup brandsYves Rocher
Chanel Dior
Lancôme L'oréal

In this lesson you will learn several vocabulary words for different kinds of cosmetics and makeup in French. We’ll cover various kinds of cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner and much more. We’ll also cover the different parts of the face as well as some of the major French makeup brands.

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