les repas

The following table contains vocabulary for the three meals in French: le petit-déjeuner (breakfast), le déjeuner (lunch) and le dîner (dinner). You’ll also find names of typical French foods for each meal as well as a short list of useful verbs.

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breakfastle petit déjeuner
cerealles céréales (f.p.)
eggsles oeufs
- scrambled eggsles oeufs brouillés
- fried eggs, sunny side uples oeufs au plat
- poached eggs les oeufs pochés
- soft-boiled eggsles oeufs à la coque
- stuffed eggun oeuf dur farci
omeletteune omelette
- cheese omeletteune omelette au fromage
- ham omeletteune omelette au jambon
- whipped cream omeletteune omelette mousseline
a bowl of coffeeun bol de cafe
baguettela baguette
breadle pain
briochela brioche
butterle beurre
crepe, pancakeune crêpe
croissantun croissant
French toastle pain perdu
jamla confiture
orange juicele jus d’orange
sweet pasteryune chouquette
lunchle déjeuner
mixed saladune salade mixte
pâtéle pâté
sandwichun sandwich
soupla soupe, le potage
terrinela terrine
quichela quiche
- cheese quicheune quiche au fromage
- ham quicheune quiche au jambon
croque-monsieurun croque-monsieur
ricele riz
steak and friesle steak frites
French friesles frites (f.p.)
dinnerle dîner
aperatif, pre-dinner drinkun apéritif
appetizerles hors-d’oeuvre variés (m.p.)
beefle beouf
chickenle poutlet
cutletla côtelette
dumplingla boulette
filetle filet
fish stewla bouillabaisse
la saldesalade
pastales pâtes
porkle porc
rice with vegetablesle riz au légumes
snailsles escargots
steak and friesle bifstek
thick pureela purée
dessertle dessert
cakele gâteau
fruit tarletla tartelette aux fruits
piela tarte
- apple piela tate aux pommes
- cherry piela tarte aux cerises
- chocolate piela tarte au chocolat
- peach piela tarte aux pêches
sherbertle sorbet
la glaceice cream
- vanilla ice creamla glace à la vanille
- strawberry ice creamla glace à la fraise
- chocolate ice creamla glace au chocolat
shop for foodfaire les courses
to be hungryavoir faim
to be thirstyavoir soif
to clear the tabledébarasser la table
to drinkboire
to have a snackprendre un goûter
to have breakfastprendre le petit-déjeuner
to have dinnerdîner
to have lunchdéjeuner
to set the table mettre la table
to take out (food to go)emporter
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