Valentine’s Day

French Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

French Valentine's Day

In this lesson you will learn several French Valentine’s Day vocabulary words, phrases and sayings which you can use with your significant other. Towards the bottom of this list you’ll find some words and expressions that you can use in Valentine’s Day love letters.

le jour de la Saint-Valentin
St. Valentine’s Dayla fête des amoureux
Literally “Lover’s Holiday” but commonly used to refer to Valentine’s Day in France

une carte de Saint-Valentin
Valentine’s Day card

Bonne Saint Valentin!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

mon chéri
My dear (when referring to a man)

ma chérie
My dear (when referring to a woman)Je t’aime
I love you

Je t’aime de tout mon cœur!
I love you with all my heart!

Tu me manques
I miss you

Mon cher + NAME
Dear + NAME – Starting a letter to a man

Ma chère + NAME
Dear + NAME – Starting a letter to a womenAvec toute mon affection,
“With all my affection,” – A romantic way to end a Valentine’s day card

“Fondly,” – another nice way to end a letter

Je t’embrasse très fort
I embrace you strongly – One more way to end a love letter

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