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Valentine’s Day In France (Complete Vocabulary List)

Valentine’s Day In France (Complete Vocabulary List)

Learning French Valentine’s Day vocabulary is very important for celebrating “la Saint-Valentin” or “La Fête Des Amoureux (Lover’s Day) in France. Here’s a quick list of fun words you can use on le 14 fevrier (Fébruary 14), Valentine’s Day in France!

French Valentine’s Day Vocabulary List

  • un cadeau gift
  • le parfum perfume
  • le chocolat chocolate
  • une boîte de chocolats box of chocolate
  • les bonbons candy
  • une bague ring
  • une bague de fiançailles engagement ring
  • une alliance wedding ring
  • une rose rose
  • les fleures (f) flowers
  • un bouquet de fleurs flower bouquet
  • un coeur heart
  • une carte card
  • les bijoux jewelery
  • un dîner romantique romantic dinner

Do the French celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do the French celebrate Valentine’s Day? Bonne question! Good question! La réponse est oui! The answer is yes!

However, unlike in the United States of Canada where it is common for school children to exchange Valentine’s Day greetings, “Le Jour de la La Saint-Valentin” in France is a holiday celebrated between lovers to celebrate their love.

Therefore, in France the holiday is often referred to as “le Jour de la Fête des Amoreux“, or “Lovers’ Day”.

Similar to other English-speaking countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 in France.

Fun phrases for Valentine’s Day cards

Similar to English speakers, the French love to use terms of endearment.

To say, “my dear” when addressing a Valentine’s Day card to a man, say, “mon chéri“. To say “my dear” when addressing a woman, say, “ma chérie“. The word “cher” in French means “dear”.

There are lots of ways to sign a Valentine’s Day card in French.

One thing you can write is: “Tu me manques“. This means “I miss you”. This lesson covers the verb manquer in detail.

Something fun you can write is “Je t’aime de tout mon coeur!“. This means, “I love you with all my heart!”.

A very common line to write is: “Je t’embrasse très fort!“. This means “I embrace you strongly!”.

Finally, two other ways to end your card are: “Affectueusement” (fondly) and “Avec toute mon affection” (with all my affection”.

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