Songs For Learning French

One of the best ways to learn French is with songs and music. There are lots of benefits to this. It’s been proven that Some favorites singing words aloud is a much better memory aid than simply receipting long vocabulary lists. Indeed, if you sing words and phrases to a particular tune this will help you to memorize words faster and retain them for much longer. Also, singing is fun and helps to take make language learning a lot more fun and exciting! Here you will find some of the most famous songs for learning French. These include the Mrs. Vandertramp Être Verb Song, Happy Birthday Song, Days of the Week song, Frère Jacques, La Vie en Rose and Petit Papa Noël (Christmas Song).

French Alphabet Song French Days of the Week Song
French Happy Birthday Song Mrs. Vandertramp Verbs Song
Frère Jacques Lyrics La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf
Petit Papa Noël Bonjour Monsieur, Bonjour Madam
New Years Song French Colors Song
French Numbers Song Non, Je ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf
Avoir Verb Song Je M’appelle Funny Bear
La Marseillaise - French National Anthem Alouette Song and Lyrics
Body Parts Song J’ai Faim, J’ai Soif
ER Verbs Song
French Animal Sounds Song
French Fruits Song

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