French Alphabet Song

French Alphabet Song

This is a fun YouTube video of the French Alphabet song. You’ll see that most of the letters are very similar to English. However, there are a few differences. If you’re just starting out in the process of learning French it is very important that you learn how to recognize the letters of the alphabet. What’s great is that the French letters are the same as in English.

The French Letters A-Z

The pronunciation of some of the letters because confusion when English speakers hear them. Watch and re-play this video of Imagiers, one of the leading French teachers on YouTube, sing the alphabet song to the tune of “Au Claire da la Lune”.

Different Sounds

One of the most confusing parts of the French alphabet is that the letter “G” “zhay”, which sounds just like the English letter “J”. Furthermore, the French letter “J” is pronounced “zhee” – exactly like the English letter, “G”. So, just remember to pay close attention to these letters when you hear them.

Another source for confusion can be the letters “E” and “I”. This is because the letter “I” in French is pronounced “Ee”. Separately, the letter “E” in French is pronounced “eh”. So just remember that when you hear a French person say “Ee” they are referring to the letter “I” and not “E”.

French Alphabet Letter & Pronunciation

A – ah
B – beh
C – say
D – day
E – eh
F – ehf
G – zhay
H – asch
I – Ee
J – zhee
K – kah
L – el
M – em
N – en
O – oh
P – peh
Q – ku
R – erre
S – ess
T – tay
U – u
V – vay
W – double-vay
X – eeks
Y – yegrek
Z – zed

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