School Subjects

French School Subjects

French School Subjects VocabularyIn this lesson you will learn the vocabulary for various school subjects in French. The good news is that most of these words are very easy to learn because they are all almost the same in English (this is because they come from Latin). The main thing you’ll have to memorize is the gender – masculine and feminine. Click on any of the words and listen!

les langues étrangères foreign languagesle Français French
l'espagnol Spanishl'allemand German
l'anglais Englishl'italien Italian
l'art artla littérature literature
le dessin drawingla biologie biology
la chimie chemistryla gymnastique gymnastics
le Grec Greekl'histoire history
l'histoire-géo history and geographyla géographie geography
le latin Latinles mathématiques math
l'algèbre algebrala géométrie geometry
la physique physicsl’informatique computers
le commerce commerce, businessle théâtre theater
la musique music

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