Être Fleur Bleue (French Expression Meaning & Translation)

“Être fleur bleue” is a French expression that translates literally to “to be a blue flower.” The expression finds its origins in the German novel Henri d’Ofterdingen by Novalis from the early 19th century. Translations of être fleur bleue include:

  • to be sentimental
  • to be naive
  • to be soppy

A French-to-French definition is “être sentimental“. Interestingly, the French adjective, “sentimental” translates to romantic in English.

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Here’s an example sentence:

  • J’ai trop aimé ce film. J’étais si ému. J’étais fleur bleue et j’ai même pleuré. I liked that film so much. I was so touched. I was sentimental and I even cried.

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