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Les Cheveux – How to say “hair” in French

Les Cheveux – How to say “hair” in French

In today’s lesson we’ll have a look at the word les cheveux, which means hair in French. Specifically, we’ll look at ways to describe your hair. We’ll also have a quick look at the confusing cheveux vs. chevaux (hair vs. horses). Keep reading!

les cheveux


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les cheveux = hair in French

Les cheveux – hair in French

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Word origin

According to, the French word cheveux (hair) comes from capillus in Latin.

When talking about the hair on one’s head, the French always uses the plural form: les cheveux. A single strand of hair is un poil or un cheveu. Note that poil is also the word for an animal’s fur.

Example sentences

This first example sentence uses the imperfect tense (l’imparfait). The French use this tense to express past actions which occurred over time. This sentence is autobiographical. When I was in the 7th grade my French teacher gave me the nickname “Frisé” (curly).

Quand j’étais un enfant j’avais les cheveux très frisés.

I had very curly hair when I was a child.

To talk about your hair in French, use the structure: avoir les cheveux + adjective. For example:

Marie a les cheveux longs et blonds.

Marie has long blond hair.

Hair vocabulary

Here are some more ways of describing hair in French. For example, il a les cheveux bruns (he has brown hair).

You can also use the verb être (to be) to talk about hair color. For example:

In French, the adjective for bald is chauve.

Martin est chauve. Il a perdu tous ses cheveux.

Martin is bald. He lost all his hair.

Cheveux vs. chevaux

It’s easy to confuse hair in French with “horses”: le cheval, les chevaux (horse, horses).

Je vois les chevaux dans le champs.

I see the horses in the field.


Et voilà ! Merci d’avoir suivi cette leçon ! Now check out French Today’s lesson on hair, which provides much more detailed vocabulary on hair colors and styles. You can also check out this post on our site offering a comprehensive list of French haircut vocabulary.

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Cette femme a les cheveux roux. = This woman has red hair.
Cette femme a les cheveux roux. = This woman has red hair.

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