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Dingue Meaning & Translation – Crazy in French

Dingue Meaning & Translation – Crazy in French

Today we’re going to have fun with an informal yet super useful French adjective: Dingue. There are many translations for dingue including crazy, mad, unbelievable and nuts. Je pense que tu es dingue! (I think you’re crazy!).



Word of the Day: Dingue (crazy, unbelievable, incredible, nuts)

Dingue Meaning & Translation

Word origin

According to, the French adjective dingue is associated with la dengue (dengue fever), a tropical disease caused by a mosquito bite that causes craziness. The adjective fou/folle (crazy) could be considered as a synonym for dingue.

Example sentences

Dingue (crazy) is the same in both the masculine and feminine forms (Il est dingue, elle est dingue) as it ends in the letter -e. This lesson on our site provides an overview of the rules for French adjectives.

In our first example, t’as vu is the shortening of est-ce que tu as vu? (did you see?). This lesson on our site covers asking questions in French.

T’as vu ce mec ? Il est dingue !

Did you see that guy? He’s nuts!

Dingue can also translate to unbelievable or incredible.

J’ai adoré le concert. C’était complètement dingue !

It loved the concert. It was unbelievable!

This next example sentence uses the verb essayer (to try), which we covered in this lesson.

Il est dingue d’essayer d’apprendre une nouvelle language en si peu de temps !

It’s crazy to try to learn a new language in so little time.

Dingue as a noun

Dingue can also be a masculine and feminine noun translating to a crazy person (madman, madwoman, lunatic, nutcase, etc.).

Un dingue est entré dans la banque portant un pistolet.

A madman entered the bank carrying a gun.


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use the adjective dingue in French. Now check out our lesson covering another informal yet highly useful adjective nul/nulle (lousy, sucks).

Example of how to use dingue in French: "Elle est dingue!" = She's crazy (nuts)! French Word of the Day lesson.
Elle est dingue ! = She’s crazy (nuts)!

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