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I want in French “Je veux” – French Word of the Day Lesson

I want in French “Je veux” – French Word of the Day Lesson

In today’s Word of the Day lesson, we’ll learn how to say “I want” in the most basic way (je veux), as well as two other commonly used variants (je voudrais) and (j’aimerais). Keep reading and we’ll jump right into the example sentences!

je veux

I want

French Word of the Day: "Je veux" (I want)

Example sentences

Je veux

Je veux is the first-person singular form of the irregular verb vouloir, which means to want. This page on our site provides the conjugation tables and example sentences of vouloir in detail.

In our first to example setences, je veux is followed by an infinitive or “to” form of the verb.

Je veux partir tout de suite !

I want to leave immediately!

Je veux acheter cette poupée pour ma petite-fille.

I want to buy this doll for my granddaughter

Je voudrais

In the conditional tense, je veux becomes je voudrais. This translates literally to “I would want” and means “I would like”. Using this from is considered to be more polite. This page on our site covers the conditional tense in detail.

Je voudrais

I would like

In our first example sentence, je voudrais is followed by an infinitive. In our second example, it is followed by a noun.

Je voudrais commander, s’il vous plaît.

I’d like to order, please.

Je voudrais un café au lait, s’il vous plaît.

I’d like a café au lait, please


There is one final way to express “I want” in French: J’aimerais. This is the conditional tense of the verb aimer (to like, to love). J’aimerais and je voudrais are considered to be synonymous.

J’aimerais te parler, s’il te plaît.

I’d like to talk (or speak) to you, please.


Et voilà ! You know how to say I want (je veux) in French. Now check our our lesson covering the meanings of d’accord (agreed, alright) in French. In addition to that, you can also check out our post covering a song entitled “Je veux” by French singer Zaz.

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