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Œuf – How to say and pronounce egg in French

Œuf – How to say and pronounce egg in French

In today’s lesson we’ll explore the word œuf (meaning egg) in detail. Specifically, we’ll look at how to pronounce egg in both the singular and plural forms (un œuf vs. des œufs) and learn the different ways you can order eggs on a menu. On y va! Let’s go!

un œuf, des œufs

one egg, some eggs

Word origin

According to, the Modern French word œuf (egg) comes from Old French oef, which in turn comes from ovum in Latin.

Œuf (egg) pronunciation in French

The pronunciation of œuf in the sigular form is [øf] — pronounce the final -f. In the plural form, œufs, both the final letters -fs are silent. The combined letter is called “l’e dans l’o” (the -e in the -o) and has an “uh” sound. In this short video, online French teacher Christophe explains how to pronounce œuf, counting from one to ten eggs and highlighting the liaisons.

Video source: @PrononciationavecChristophe

Example sentences

For this first example sentence, the adverb environ means “around” or “about”. We could have used à peu près, which also means around or about, in this sentence.

Je mange environ deux œufs tous les jours.

I eat about two eggs every day.

In this second example, we use the verb aimer (to like, to love) in the inversion structure of asking questions.

Comment aimez-vous vos œufs le matin?

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Ways of cooking eggs in French

The following is a list of how you can order your eggs in a French restaurant.

One more usage

In French, the gondolas on ski mountains can also be called “les œufs” (the eggs). Isn’t that cute?

Quand je fais du ski, je préfère prendre les œufs que le télésiège.

When I ski I prefer taking the gondola over the chairlift.


Félicitations ! Now you’re an expert in talking about les œufs (eggs) in French! Now check out our French food vocabulary page. We cover 100+ words with pictures! You may also enjoy French Today’s eggs lesson, where you’ll learn how kids eat eggs in France!

Ways of cooking eggs in French
Comment aimez-vous vos œufs? How do you like your eggs?

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