Être En Train De – French Expression – Meaning, Examples

etre en train deIn this lesson you will learn how to say you are in the middle of doing something in French. The grammatical structure which will learn is “en train de”, or to be doing.

The grammatical structure is as follows: Subject + verb + “en train de” + infinitive. Par example:

  • Je suis en train de travailler.
    I am working.

In this video my cats are sleeping. I have two lovely cats. The older black one is named Samantha and the younger calico kitty still does not have a name. In the video the To sleeping. So, my example sentence is, “The cats are sleeping”. Here’s how it looks in French:

Example sentences

  • Les chats sont en train de dormir
    The cats are sleeping.
  • Je suis en train de manger.
    I am eating.
  • Elle est en train d’étudier.
    She is studying.
  • Les garçons sont en train de courir.
    The boys are running.
  • L’homme est en train de travailler.
    The man is working.
  • Les enfants sont en train de jouer.
    The children are playing.
  • Les chiens sont en train de marcher.
    The dogs are walking.
  • Nous sommes en train de parler.
    We are talking.
  • Je suis en train d’enseigner le français.
    I am teaching French.
  • Tu es en train d’apprendre ces mots.
    You are learning these words.
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