Interrogative Pronoun Lequel

Lequel has several uses. The interrogative pronoun lequel means which one or which ones, and must agree in gender and number with the the nous it refers to. There are four forms: lequel, laquel, lesquels and lesquelles.

Lequel can also be used as a relative pronoun meaning that, which or who. For example, C’est l’homme pour lequel je travail (He’s the man who I work for). Here we’re focusing on the interrogative pronoun.

SINGULARlequel?which one?laquelle?which one?
PLURALlesquels?which ones?lesquelles?which ones

example sentences

  • Voici deux options. Laquelle préférez-vous? Here are two options. Which one do you prefer?
  • J’ai deux livres pour vous. Lequel voulez-vous? I have to books for you. which one do you want?
  • Lequel de ces deux films veux-tu regarder? Which one of these two movies to you want to watch?
  • Laquelle de ces deux voitures est la plus rapide? Which one of these two cars is the fastest?
  • Regardez les deux femmes! Laquelle des deux est la plus belle? Look at the two women. Which one is the most beautiful?
  • Deux maisons sont disponibles? Laquelle des deux voulez-vous? Two houses are available. Which one do you want?

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