French Breakfast Vocabulary

Here you’ll find find a list of French breakfast vocabulary. While most of these words are unique to the French language some have been borrowed directly from English. The French people tend to have a light breakfast consisting of baguette bread with butter coupled with a small bowl of hot chocolate or coffee. One of the most shocking things you’ll see is that the French drink their morning coffee out of a bowl. That’s right, “un bol de café”!

What time/where is breakfast served?À quelle heure/où est-ce que le petit déjeuner est servi?
I'd like to have my breakfast. Je voudrais prendre mon petit déjeuner.
This morning I'll have...Ce matin, je prendrai...
cerealdes céréales
An American-style breakfastun petit déjeuner américain
bacon and eggsdes oeufs au bacon
a soft/hard boiled eggun oeuf dur à la coque mollet/dur
fried eggs/scrambled eggsdes oeufs au plat/brouillés
ham and eggsdes oeufs au jambon
French toastdu pain perdu/doré (Canada)
wafflesdes gaufres
pancakes/crepesdes pancakes/des crêpes
maple syrupsirop d'érable
oatmealdes flocons/gruau d'avoine
toastdu pain grillé
jamde la confiture
marmaladede la marmelade
butterdu beurre
As a drink I'll have...Comme boisson, je prendrai...
a fruit juice, apple juice, orange juice, grapefruit juiceun jus de fruits/pomme/orange/pamplemousse
a coffeeun café
a coffee with milkun café au lait
a decaf coffeeun café décaféiné
tea with milk/lemondu thé au lait/citron
honeydu miel
hot/cold milkdu lait chaud/froid
rollsdes petit pains
yogurtdu yaourt
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