French Injury & First Aid Vocabulary

On this page you will find a complete list of French first aid (les premiers secours) and injury (la blessure) vocabulary. A lot of these words can be considered medical vocabulary and therefore similar to their English translations. However, many are very different from their English counterparts and demand time for study. Below we’ve included links to vocabulary lists covering emergency phrases, hospital words and body parts.

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les premiers secours first aid
la blessure injury blesser to injure
se blesser to injure oneself
l’accident accident l’urgence emergency
la blessure wound la trousse de premiers secours first aid box (UK) / kit (US)
l’entorse sprain
la coupure cut to apply apressure presser/appuyer l’écorchure graze
la brûlure burn le coup de soleil sunburn la fracture fracture
l’écharpe sling le coup de lapin whiplash la minerve neckbrace
la contusion bruise la morsure bite l’écharde splinter
la piqûre sting la pommade ointment la pansement band-aid (US) / plaster (UK)
l’épingle de sûreté safety pin
le bandage bandage les analgésiques painkillers
la serviette antiseptique antiseptic wipe
la pince fine tweezers les ciseaux scissors
l’antiseptique antiseptic la gaze gauze le pansement dressing
l’attelle splint le sparadrap adhesive tape
la réanimation resuscitation
l’hémorragie haemorrhage l’ampoule blister la commotion cérébrale concussion
l’empoisonnement poisoning le choc électrique electric shock
la traumatisme crânien head injury
le choc shock sans connaissance unconscious le pouls pulse
la respiration breathing étouffer to choke
stérile sterile

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