Martial Arts

les arts martiaux

les arts martiaux martial arts
les sports de combat combat sports
le karaté karate
le judo judo le kung-fu kung fu
la boxe thaïlandaise kickboxing
l’aïkido aikido le kendo kendo le taekwondo tae-kwon-do
la lutte wrestling la boxe boxing la centure belt
le protège-tête guard le gant glove l’adversaire opponent
le coup de poing punch le coup strike le coud de pied kick
le saut jump le blocage block le coup chop
la chute fall la prise hold la protection throw
l’immobilisation pin le ring boxing ring
le round round
le combat bout/fight les gants de boxe boxing gloves
le protège-dents mouth guard
l’entraînement sparring le poing fist le knock-out knock out
le punching-bag punching bag
la ceinture noire black belt
l’autodéfence self defence
le sumo sumo wrestling
le taï chi tai-chi le ju jitsu jujitsu

Here you will find a complete list of French martial arts and combat sports vocabulary. You’ll see the list covers different forms of martial arts, words for various kinds of equipment as well as different kinds of moves. The good news is that it’s easy to learn these words as a lot of them are almost the same in English. The names of different sports are basically the same (le karaté, etc.) and all the words associated with traditional two-hand English boxing are the same (le ring, le round, etc.).

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