How To Say Okay in French – Complete Video Lesson

In this lesson you will learn three different ways of how you can say “okay” in French. The main way of saying okay in French is “d’accord“.

  • The pronunciation for d’accord is ‘Dah Core”. Actually, “être d’accord” means to be in agreement. So, if you say, “je suis d’accord” that means I agree. To say I agree with you say, “je suis d’accord avec vous (or toi if it’s with a Friend).
  • The next way to say okay is to simply say, “ok”. However, this is not seen as very educated in France. You can also combine “ok” with “d’accord” to say, “ok, d’accord“. I’d avoid saying this and just stick with d’accord.
  • Finally, you can also say, “ça va“. That might be an equivalent to “fine” in English. So, if somebody suggests to do something, such as “on y va?” (let’s go), you could respond, “ça va“.
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