punctuation marks

les signes de ponctuation

On this page you’ll find a complete list of French punctuation mark names. This list should come in very handy if you’re taking a French class or discussing French writing.

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accentun accent
ampersandune esperluette
apostropheune apostrophe
asteriskun astérisque
bullet pointune puce
bracketun crochet
capital letterune lettre majuscule
colondeux points (m.p.)
commaune virgule
ellipsistrois petits points, points de suspension (m.p.)
exclamation pointune point d’exclamation
hyphen, dashun tirer, un trait d’union
italicsen italique
parenthesisune parenthèse
in parenthesisentre parenthèses
periodun point
pound signun dièse
question markun point d’interrogation
semicolonun point virgule
slash, oblique un slash, une barre oblique
small letterune lettre minuscule
square bracketun crochet
underliningle soulignement
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