les formes

Here you’ll find a complete list of shapes in French. Most of the words come from Latin and are almost the same in English! While most of the shapes take the masculine form please note that the words for pyramid and star are written in a form. 

arrowune flèche
circleun cecle
le centre
...circumferencela circonférence
...diameterle diamètre
...radiusle rayon
...tangentla tangente
coneun cône
crossune croix
crescentun croissant
cubeun cube
curveune courbe
cylinderun cylindre
decagonun décagone
diamondun losange
figure eightun huit
heptagonun heptagone
hexagonun hexagon
isosceles trapezoidun trapèze isocèle
lineune ligne
octagonun octagone
parallelogramun parallélogramme
pentagonun pentagon
polygonun polygone
rectangleun rectangle
pointun point
pyramidune pyramide
rhombusun rhombe
squareun carré
trapezoidun trapèze
triangleun triangle
starune étoile

It’s video time! Listen to the Learn French Shapes song!

Video source: Busy Beavers – Kids Learn ABCs 123s & More

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