You’re Welcome

You’re Welcome in French

In French there a several different ways of saying you’re welcome. The most common one is to say “de rien“. This literally means “of nothing”. If you struggle with that are sound listen to the video a few times until you get it right. Of all the aspects of French pronunciation this is one of the hardest to learn.

Another way of saying you’re welcome is “je vous en prie” or “je t’en pris“. You would use the vous form with somebody older and tu form with somebody younger. This literally means, “I beg of you”.

One more way of saying you’re welcome if “il n’y a pas de quoi“. This literally means, “there is nothing of what.”

Finally, if you are in French-speaking Canada (Quebec) you can say, “bienvenue“. This means welcome, as in welcome to a place. While saying bienvenue is unheard of in France it’s quite common in Quebec.

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