dormir sur ses deux oreilles

The French expression “dormir sur ses deux oreilles” has a literal translation of “to sleep on two ears” The expression has the following meanings:

  • to sleep soundly
  • to sleep like a log
  • to sleep like a baby
  • to be out like a light

While the origins of the expression are unknown, states that it simply means to sleep deeply, tranquilly and without worry.

sample sentence:

  • Après avoir passe toute la journee sur l’autoroute, j’ai dormi sur mes deux oreilles. After spending the entire day on the highway, I slept like a log.
  • Avec ses deux chiens de garde la famille peut dormir sur ses deux oreilles. With their two guard dogs, the family can sleep without worry.

French has has several more “dormir”expressions including:

  • dormir comme un loir to sleep like a dormouse
  • dormir comme une souche to sleep like a stump
  • dormir comme une marmotte to sleep like a groundhog
  • dormir comme une masse to sleep like a mass

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