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Coeur Meaning & Translation – Heart in French

Coeur Meaning & Translation – Heart in French

In today’s lesson we’ll have a look at the French masculine noun coeur, which means “heart”. The word cœur has the œ letter (called l’e dans l’o or “the e in the o”) and can be tricky to pronounce.

cœur = heart

Pronunciation [k-uhr]

Cœur = heart in French

Coeur Meaning & Translation

Word origin

The French word cœur comes from cor (heart, mind, soul) in Latin. Interesting, the French adverb cordialement translates to “wholeheartedly” and “best regards” (when signing a letter).

Example sentences

The most basic usage of the word cœur is simply for the heart organ. This page on our site covers body parts vocabulary in detail.

Jacques fait du sport régulièrement et son cœur est en très bonne santé.

Jacques exercises regularly and his heart is in very good health.

Cœur also referes to the heart shape. For example:

Les enfants font des dessins de cœurs avant le Saint Valentin.

Kids draw hearts before St. Valentine’s Day.

The expression apprendre par cœur equates to the English “to learn by heart”.

Nous avons appris la chanson par cœur avant le concert.

We learned the song by heart before the concert.

The expression avoir bon cœur means “to have a good heart”.

Marie a bon cœur. Elle est toujours disponible pour aider les gens.

Marie has a good heart. She’s always available to help people.

Interestingly, avoir mal au cœur means “to feel sick” or “to feel nauseous”.

J’ai facilement mal au cœur quand je lis dans un bus.

I feel sick easily when I read in the bus.

More expressions with coeur

There’s a very long list of expressions using coeur which you can find on this WordReference page. Here are some more examples:


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use cœur in French! Now check out our lesson covering the word chemin, which translates to “path”, “way” and “road”.

Cœur = heart in French
Cœur = heart in French

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