Acheter Meaning

acheterThe verb acheter is one of the most important verbs to know as we’re constantly talking about things we want and need to buy. On this page you’ll find lots of example sentences using acheter.

example sentences

These sentences cover “I’d like to buy” and “I’m buying.”

  • Je voudrais acheter une tablette de chocolat avec du Coca. I’d like to buy a chocolate bar and some Coke.
  • J’aimerais acheter une nouvelle voiture. I’d like to buy a new car.
  • J’achète ce bouquet de fleurs. I’m buying this flower bouquet.

Acheter qqch à qqn means to buy something from somebody else.

  • J’ai acheté ces skis à mon ami. I bought these skis from my friend.

S’acheter can translate to “be bought” or “be purchased”.

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  • Les meilleures choses dans la vie ne s’achètent pas. The best things in life can’t be bought.

Acheter en solde means to buy on sale.

  • Tu aimes ma chemise? Je l’ai achetée en solde. You like my shirt? I bought it on sale.

Acheter en ligne means to buy online.

  • J’achète tous mes livres en ligne. I buy all my books online.

Un achat is a purchase and faire les achats is a way of saying to go shopping.

  • Je fais mes achats au supermarché. I go my shopping at the supermarket.

Un acheteur/une acheteuse is a buyer.

  • Qui est l’acheteur de ce restaurant? Who’s the buyer of this restaurant?
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