Avoir Besoin De

avoir besoin deIn this lesson you will learn how to say to need in French. To say to need you must use the following grammatical construction: “avoir besoin de”. This literally means “to have the need of”. In order to make a proper sentence you must also conjugate the verb avoir.

In this video I will teach you how to say, “My cat needs a name”. I have had my little kitty for about eight months now and she still doesn’t have a name! To say this in French you say:

  • Ma chatte a besoin d’un nom.
    My cat needs a name; or
  • Elle a besoin d’un nom.
    She needs a name.

My cat is female and the word for a girl cat is une chatte. Because I am saying, “my cat” I must say “ma chatte”. If he were a male I would say “mon chat” in the masculine form. The next thing I do is conjugate avoir in the third person, singular (a).

After the word besoin comes the word “de” which means “of”. The word for name in French is “nom”. I write “d'” un because begins with a vowel and it would be incorrect to write “de un” in French. Please watch the movie below and let me know if you have any questions.

Example sentences

  • J’ai besoin d’un café.
    I need a coffee.
  • Tu as besoin d’aller aux toilettes.
    You need to go to the bathroom.
  • Nous avons besoin d’étudier le Français.
    We need to study French.
  • Les enfants ont besoin d’aller à l’école.
    The children need to go to school.
  • Le professeur a besoin d’être sympatique.
    The teacher needs to be nice.
  • Le chien a besoin de manger.
    The dog needs to eat.
  • Tu as besoin de lire le journal.
    You need to read the newspaper.
  • Elle a besoin de rentrer chez elle.
    She needs to go home.
  • Nous avons besoin de cuisiner la viande.
    We need to cook the meat.
  • The man needs to walk faster.
    L’homme a besoin de marcher plus vite.
  • Vous avez besoin de parler plus lent.
    You (plural) need to speak slower.
  • Nous avons besoin d’apprendre des langues étrangères
    We need to learn foreign languages.
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