la croisière

un navire croisière Cruise ship
un paquebot Cruise liner
la mer méditerranée Mediterranean Sea
une croisière méditerranée Mediterranean cruise
une croisière de luxe Luxury cruise
une croisière fluviale River cruise
un bateau A boat
l’itinéraire Itinerary (masculine noun)
une escale Stopover
la destination Destination
un passager A passenger (masculine noun)
une passagère A passenger (feminine noun)
les tarifs de croisières Cruise rates
une cabine Cabin – sleeping quarters on a ship
le casino Casino
le restaurant Restaurant
marseille Marseille – city in southern France on the Mediterranean Sea
Nice Nice – another city in southern France
Venise Venise – city in Italy from which many Mediterranean cruises begin.
French Cruise Vocabulary

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Have you always wanted to go on a luxury cruise of the French coast in the Mediterranean Sea? Going on cruises is one of the most exciting ways to travel in Europe and see the beautiful Mediterranean scenery. In this lesson you will learn several useful French cruise vocabulary words including how to pronounce several cities in France from which cruise ships depart.

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