French Flavor Vocabulary

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In this video French lesson you’ll learn how to say French words for various flavors with practice sentences! Have fun with these words and use them on your next trip to France! Build your French vocabulary more with food words here and expressions for eating in a restaurant here!

Vocabulary & Sentences

1. Salé salty

  • Le fromage est salé.
    Cheese is salty.
  • J’aime les trucs salés.
    I like to eat salty stuff.

2. Sucré sweet

  • Les gâteaux sont sucrés.
    Cakes are sweet.
  • Évitez de manger trop sucré.
    Avoid eating too sweet.

3. épicé spicy

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  • Je suis épicé(e).
    I am spicy.
  • La cuisine française n’est pas trop épicée.
    French cuisine isn’t too spicy.

4. Amer bitter

  • Je n’aime pas les trucs amers.
    I don’t like bitter stuff.
  • Le chocolat amer
    Bitter chocolate

5. Acide sour

  • Les citrons sont acides.
    Lemons are sour.
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