Faire Conjugation Chart


Irregular Verb: Faire (To Make & To Do)

Here you will find a complete conjugation table for the French irregular verb, faire, which means to make or do. The verb is highly irregular and important to learn as it’s extremely useful for making basic to advanced phrases and sentences. Below you’ll find the verb conjugated in the present, future, past, imperfect and subjunctive endings.

je fais I do
tu fais you do
il fait he does
nous faisons we do
vous faƮtes you do
ils font they do
j'ai fait I did
tu as fait you did
il a fait he did
nous avons fait we did
vous avez fait you did
ils ont fait they did
je faisais I used to do
tu faisais you used to do
il faisait he used to do
nous faisions we used to do
vous faisiez you used to do
ils faisaient they used to do
je ferais I would do
tu ferais you would do
il ferait he would do
nous ferions we would do
vous feriez you would do
ils feraient they would do
je ferai I would do
tu feras you would do
il fera he would do
nous ferons we would do
vous ferez you would do
ils feront they would do
que je fasse that I do
que tu fasses that you do
qu'il fasse that he do
que nous fassions that we do
que vous fassiez that you do
qu'ils fassent that they do

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