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How to say “chocolate” in French – le chocolat

How to say “chocolate” in French – le chocolat

If you’re a chocolate lover then you’re in for a real treat! In today’s lesson we’ll look at how to say and pronounce chocolate in French: le chocolat. We’ll also learn some useful vocabulary words realted to chocolate. Keep reading!

le chocolat


How to say chocolate in French: – le chocolat

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Word origin

According to, the English word chocolate and the French word chocolat come from the Nahuatl (native Mexican langauge) word chocolatl.

Pronunciation and gender

Chocolate in French is a masculin noun: le chocolat. The pronunciation is sho-ko-lah or [ʃɔkɔla]. In accordance with the French reading rules, the ch sounds like the English -sh and the final -t is silent.

Example sentences

For this first example, we could have also said “Est-ce que vous préférez” (do you prefer). This lesson our site covers est-ce que, which means do, does, is and are for yes-no questions.

Préférez-vous le chocolat au lait, le chocolat noir ou le chocolat blanc?

Do you prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Notice in this next sentence that the adjectives for nationalties are written in the undercase. This is not a mistake. Adjectives for countries are not capitalized. For example, je suis français (I am French).

Le chocolat suisse est très bon mais je préfère le chocolat belge.

Swiss chocolate is very good but I prefer Belgian chocolate.

These next to example sentences uses the verb faire which means to make and to do. This post on our site provides a comprehensive list of expressions with faire.

Marie fait un gâteau au chocolat pour les enfants.

Marie is making a chocolate cake for the children.

Corinne et Véronique font de la mousse au chocolat pour toute la famille.

Corinne and Véronique are making chocolate mousse for the entire family.

This final example sentence uses the verb boire, which we cover in depth in this post.

J’adore boire le chocolat chaud en hiver.

I love drinking hot chocolate during the winter.

More chocolate vocabulary

Here are a few more words which I thought would be helpful for this lesson!


Et voilà ! Now you know how to say chocolate in French! Now check our our related lesson covering the pronunciation of croissant!

Kinds of chocolate in French
Le chocolat – quelle est ta préférénce? – Chocolate – which is your preference?

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