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Drôle Meaning & Translation – Funny & Weird in French

Drôle Meaning & Translation – Funny & Weird in French

Today’s lesson covers a the French adjective drôle. This word can be somewhat of a double-edged sword because it has two unrelated meanings: “funny” and “weird”. This post will explore both usages of drôle and include example sentences with audio.


funny / weird

Drôle - French for funny, weird

Drôle Meaning & Translation

Drôle = funny

According to, the French word drôle originates from the Dutch words drolle/drol, which is related to the leprechaun or elf, a joyful and good-natured being.

In these first three example sentence, drôle means “funny” or “comical”.

Pierre est un homme très drôle. J’adore ses blagues et son sens de l’humour.

Pierre is a funny man. I love his jokes and sense of humor.

Je vais vous raconter une histoire drôle. Je suis certain que tu vas l’aimer !

I’m going to tell you a funny story. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Qu’est-ce que tu es drôle ! J’adore ton imitation de Macron !

You’re so funny! I love your imitation of Macron.

Drôle = weird

In the following example sentences, drôle means weird, awkward, odd and bizarre.

Je n’aime pas ce type. Il est très drôle !

I don’t like this (or that) guy. He’s very strange!

C’est drôle, mais j’ai l’impression de te connaître depuis très longtemps.

It’s strange, but I have the impression that I’ve known you for a long time.


Et voilà ! Now you have a firm grasp of how to use drôle in French. Now check out our post coving the adjective nul/nulle, which translates to “lousy” or “sucks”.

Example of how to use drôle in French.

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