Passive Pronominals

les verbes pronominaux passifs

Passive pronominals are a type pronominal verbs that are used to create a passive voice. English equivalents would be is eaten or is pronounced. Some French teachers might refer to these as passive reflexives.

In the infinitive form a passive pronomial is made by putting a se before an infinitive. Se faire, is done.

In the conjugated form both the third-person singular and third-plural are used. Ça ne se mange pas avec les mains. Literally, “That’s not eaten with your hands.” Or, translated loosely, “You don’t eat that with your hands.”

example sentences with the passive pronominals

  • Ça se boit chauffé. That’s drank heated.
  • Ça se prononce avec un T. That’s pronounced with a -t.
  • Ça s’écrit aved un S. That’s written with an -s.
  • Comment est-ce que ça se traduit? How is that translated?
  • Ça ne se voit pas. You can’t tell.
  • Ça ne se fait pas en France! That’s not done in France!
  • Ça s’est bien passé? Did it go well?
  • Ça se comprend. That’s understandable.

list of verbs which often appear as passive pronominals

se direis said
se faireis done
se mangeris eaten
se boireis drank
se prononceris pronounced
se traduireis translated
se voir shows
se lireis read
s'écrireis written
s'entendreis heard
se vendreis sold
s'acheteris purchased
s'utiliseris used
se passerhappens

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