Reciprocal Verbs

les verbes réciproques

Reciprocal verbs are a type of pronominal verb where to people do something to each other. Hence, the only forms used for these verbs are plural: on (for we), nous, vous and ils/elles.

An example of a reciprocal pronominal verb is se marier, to get married. Notice the plural forms are in bold.

je me marie                nous nous marions
tu te maries                vous vous mariez
il/elle/on se marie     ils/elles se marient

Interestingly, divorcer (to divorce) is not pronominal and not included on this page. There is no pronominal pronoun for this verb. Example:

  • Il divorce sa femme. He divorces his wife.

example sentences with reciprocal pronominal verbs

  • Ils s’aiment depuis le lycée. They’ve loved each other since high school.
  • Ils se detestent depuis leur divorce. They’ve hated each other their divorce.
  • Mon ami et moi, on se parle une fois par semaine. I speak with my friend once weekly.
  • Est-ce que vous vous voyer de temps en temps? Do you see each other from time to time?
  • Nous nous téléphonons tous les jours. We call each other every day.
  • Ils se quittent devant la gare. They part ways in front of the train station.
  • On se donne rendez-vous une fois par mois. We meet once per month.
  • Nous nous retrouvons au restaurant apres le travail. We meet up at a restaurant after work.
  • Ils se disputent tous les temps. They argue all the time.
  • Nous nous rencontrons à la réunion. We meet up at the meeting.

list of reciprocal verbs

s'acheterto buy each other
s'aiderto help each other
se comprendreto understand each other
se connaîtreto know each other
se détesterto hate each other
se donner rendez-vousto set up an appointment to meet each other
s'écrireto write each other
s'entraiderto help each other
se mentirto lie to each other
se parlerto speak to each other
se poser des questionsto ask each other questions
se quitterto leave each other, part ways
se regarderto look at each other
se rencontrerto meet each other
se ressemblerto look alike
se téléphonerto call each other
se voirto see each other
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Source: Emanuel Harper (YouTube channel)

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