Really in French

Really in French

In this video tutorial you will learn how to say really in French. Please pay close attention to this lesson as many people make mistakes with this word. This word can cause a lot of confusion for people as they’re tempted to translate literally from English. If somebody tells you something and you’d like to respond, Really?, you should say, “ah bon?” This literally means “oh good” but to the French ear it means “really”. However, if you’d like to use really in a sentence or phrase as an adverb you must use the word, “vraiment“. For example, if you want to say, “It was very good.” you’d say “C’était vraiment bon.” After watching the movie you can read through some sample sentences below.

Example Sentences

Phrases with vraimentJ’étais vraiment heureux
I was really happy.

Elle est vraiment sympatique.
She is very nice.

C’était vraiment dommage.
It was really a pity.

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You are very strange.
Tu es vraiment bizarre.

He really needs to learn French.
Il a vraiment besoin d’apprendre le Français.

Phrases with Ah BonSpeaker 1: Je viens de gagner une nouvelle voiture. Speaker 2: Ah bon?

Speaker 1: I just won a new car. Speaker 2: Really?

Speaker 1: Je l’ai fait dix fois. Speaker 2: Ah bon?
Speaker 1: I did it ten times. Speaker 2: Really?

Speaker 1: Je ne l’ai jamis fait dans ma vie. Speaker 2: Ah bon?
Speaker 1: I never did it in my life. Speaker 2: Really?

Speaker 1: Je parle cinq langues. Speaker 2: Ah bon?
Speaker 1: I speak five languages. Speaker 2: Really?

Speaker 1: J’ai une autre maison dans la compagne. Speaker 2: Ah bon?

Speaker 1: I have another house in the countryside. Speaker 2: Really?

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