50 Conversation Topics & Questions For the FLE Classroom

about these lessons

One of the best ways to practice and improve your French is to have a one-on-one dialogue with a teacher who can correct your grammar and pronunciation. My name is David Issokson and I’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their French through my French Skype lessons since the beginning of 2014. Here you can read some of my student testimonials.

Over the past five years I’ve written over 50 French conversation topic lessons for intermediate and advanced (B1-C1) students. I’m now publishing them online so that tutors and students alike can use them. I especially encourage high school teachers and university professors to use this material with their students.

My lessons cover an extremely vast array of example topics with questions covering childhood, family, travel, hobbies and much more. I am not a native speaker so feedback on my work is definitely welcomed. Please contact me with comments and questions.

conversation lessons

ageair travelannoyances
drivingeating outenvironment
familyfathersfood and eating
free time hobbiesfriendshipfruits and vegetables
generation gaphappinesshave you ever
home safetyhow oftenmarriage
meeting peoplemothersmy first
my home townmy town or citypeople in our lives
stresstechnologythe best
the hometraveltwo french
what would you dowisheswork
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